AlpStore activities have been finished as of April 30, 2015. Please visit the download page to retrieve case studies, final reports and guidelines.

AlpStore Activities

Using storage and electric vehicles (EV) in the energy provision system will become key in ensuring stable energy supply in all Alpine regions. With reliable energy provision, regions stay attractive as living habitats, working spaces and recreational sites.

The transnational AlpStore team developed the STORM-concept. It stands for "smart storage and mobility” and describes a model to develop and decide upon holistic solutions to increase regional RES supply and outbalance volatility with appropriate buffering means.

Requirements of scattered habitats (such as small villages Jezersko and Saint-Denis) are emphasized as well as combined business and living habitats in metropolitan areas (e. g.  Euroimpresa in Legnano). With intelligent storages, both can become self-contained energetic cells on the grid. New power systems integrating mobility and energy supply enable the establishment of entrepreneurial collectives managing such local generation, storage and consumption cells.

AlpStore showed how electric mobility brings improvements for the Alpine Space (AS) connectivity and new business opportunities. Integrating mobility into the energy system can close the cost gap of electric mobility. To assess these opportunities AlpStore compared battery EVs with gas and hydrogen solutions.

Twelve test site implementations with a variety of stakeholders and AS technology firms  provided reliable input to sensitive political and business decision makers for new opportunities in the combined field of mobility and energy provision. Visiting tours and experience exchange workshops were offered. Two big conferences in Italy and Germany attracted more than 500 participants.

The comprehensive communication concept involved research and technology transfer institutions and a big group of observers. The STORM-concept and lessons learnt in twelve regions were published as guidelines for decision makers.