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Who we are

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Euroimpresa Legnano is a non-profit company with a public-held majority shareholding (major stakeholders: Province of Milan, Legnano Municipalities and other 22 Municipalities of Altomilanese area).

In its double role of Territory Development Agency for the Alto Milanese area and Business Innovation Centre, the company guarantees assistance and consultancy services to institutions and administrative bodies, while stimulating innovation of the local manufacturing context and promoting  the potential of the area at the same time.

Lombardy Energy Cluster, established by Lombardy Region in 2009, as a strong industrial network in the region, includes all the companies that supplies product and services for energy production. To achieve more efficiency the Cluster has adopted a light structure: it works with the support of Euroimpresa, that is its operating office.

Euroimpresa acts within Energy Cluster to

  • support member companies towards everlasting competiveness, growth, product quality and human resources
  • improve the companies’ international visibility, markets knowledge, competence and ability to operate on international markets
  • consolidate the excellence in power generation, transmission and distribution business by increasing synergies among all institutions and companies in the region, study and analysis of the supply chain of the productive system.

Considering its longstanding experience in supporting innovation and enhancing the competitiveness of Alto Milanese in the European context, Euroimpresa has the competences, capacity and knowhow necessary to the implementation of projects activities and the fulfillment of projects results.

Euroimpresa staff also count on strong administrative and managerial skills (administration of people and budget) together with consolidated experience in monitoring and self-evaluation of project activities, results and expenditure.

What we do in the project

The pilot application that we will develop in Legnano is aimed to implement an experimental small smart grid into "Tecnocity Altomilanese”,  a group of buildings, dedicated to productive activities and including offices, labs, shads.  Tecnocity is provided whit a photovoltaic plant.
The goal of the pilot application is on one hand to monitor the consumption of the internal users, compared to the internal energy production, on the other hand to develop a storage system (electrical vehicles and battery storage) in order to manage the energy drops and peaks, so to make available the unused energy to recharge electrics vehicles.
Euroimpresa’s goals  within the test are:

  • To involve enterprises located into the Tecnocity in a project focused on energy;
  • To involve the Energy Cluster enterprises in carrying out the project technical steps;
  • To diffuse the results of the tests on the territory, public administrations and enterprises;
  • To promote locally low impact mobility systems;
  • To promote the dissemination of storage systems in the Altomilanese Municipalities.


Contact Data

Euroimpresa scrl
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20025 / Legnano - Milano


Contact Person

Laura Pandolfi, PM
Phone: +39 0331 487210
Fax: +39 0331 487200 



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