19.2.2014, Milan (IT)

Invex is the only Italian b2b event dedicated to the inverter industry

Invex is the only Italian b2b event dedicated to the inverter industry, which, as of this edition – the fourth – also includes, for the first time, batteries, energy storage and charging stations. In particular, according to a survey from Pike Research, in Europe the inverter sector, "technological heart” of modern energy production systems, is expected to grow at least until 2017, when it will have a turnover of more than EUR 14.5 billion. These developments will follow market changes, which concentrate more and more on electrical mobility and transport, electric and intelligent homes, which are sure to become more efficient. In this continuously changing scenario, Italy can have a primary role.

The market for batteries and energy storage systems is also growing and, analysis company IMS Research, foresees that, at global level, it will go from EUR 150 million in 2012 to more than EUR 14 billion by 2017. And by the same date, important growth is also forecast for charging stations, which, also at global level, should reachEUR 3.3 billion.
In this positive context, Invex, which will be attended by about 500 qualified operators, is an importantopportunity of business, social networking and professional updating for all protagonists of the sector. Alongside the exhibition area, there will also be two conference areas where plenary sessions and workshopswith company presentations regarding new products will take place.

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