AlpStore project started

Together with 11 other projects AlpStore was approved by the jury of the Alpine Space Programme.

The project AlpStore has been selected with other eleven projects by the selection committee of the Alpine Space Programme and is funded within the 4th call from 2012 till 2015.

19 partners out of the seven countries which form the Alpine Space have started their work on July 1st.

AlpStore tackles the challenge of a low carbon future. Transnational subconsortia cooperate to develop and test respective solutions in the fields of battery electric mobility, stationary battery storage, gas and hydrogen for vehicle traction and storage. The goal is a generic model that fits the needs of all AS countries. Mobile storage solutions must consider cross border applications (e. g. economic aggregration of charging flexibility). The experts will cross check the master- and implementation concepts so they can provide blueprints for decision making processes in all AS regions.
AlpStore will consider all types of energy storages:
  • storage of energy before conversion (e. g. biogas)
  • power-to-gas (methane in gas grid)
  • power-to-gas (hydrogen in gas grid)
  • power-to-gas (hydrogen local)
  • chemical storage (zeolite etc.)
  • compressed air storage
  • pump storage (regional in AS)
  • pump storage (Scandinavia etc.)
  • fly wheels (small-sized)
  • fly wheels (large-sized)
  • mobile batteries (electric vehicles)
  • stationary batteries
The STORM concept (STORM stands for "smart storage and mobility") will give guidance to select the appropriate technology. It will take into account societal, geographic and climatological characteristics of all areas of the AS. The development with a transnational team for the entire AS guarantees acceptability for such a preferred model in all countries.
The storage solutions will take into account short term and long term storage needs:




AlpStore FINAL CONFERENCE and Study Trip, February 26-27, 2015
A great success for the AlpStore final event in the Aosta Valley