3rd AlpStore Technical Symposium & 6th TPM, June 3rd-4th, 2014

Bregenz, Austria

The Technical Symposium  in Bregenz, Austria, (Festspielhaus, festspielhausbregenz.at) will take place on Tuesday, 3rd of June (1 day event). 

Electrical mobility is once more the focus of the second evolution:m, the future congress for mobility. It not only looks at the subject from a technical point of view but also as an opportunity for new systems approaches, new mobility concepts, networking different functions and changed usage behaviour. If electrical mobility is to bring about a paradigm shift, it will need new concepts of a technical nature as well as in terms of services and reward systems. This requires an interdisciplinary approach by all decision-makers from the automobile industry, public transport, energy management, infrastructure and systems services, transport planning, politics and the communications sector. A further aspect to be highlighted at this second successful congress is that of energy storage. On the one hand, this would be short-term storage in the form of integrated batteries in electric vehicles and on the other long-term sources in the form of stationary solutions.

The e-mobility rallye WAVE http://www.wavetrophy.com/en/ will also make a step-over at the Technical Symposium in Bregenz. Further information about the venue and the program will come in the next weeks. 

The related Transnational Partner Meeting no.6 will take place on Wednesday, 4th of June (1 day event) – until mid of afternoon.
Agenda and more details about event, venue and organisation to come soon.

Download the flyer for further information.


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