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Who we are

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P&M Rothmoser is the distribution net operator in Grafing, a village with 15000 inhabitants 30km east of Munich. P&M Rothmoser is a family business founded at the introduction of electricity in Grafing in 1899. P&M Rothmoser also operates a district heating net that covers a few hundred households and community facilities. The development of the district heating net was started more then 10 years ago and is growing every year. Several block heating stations and a biogas plant are part of the energy supply system in Grafing. Approx. 20 percent of the electric energy demand are generated by P&M Rothmoser, the rest is supplied by the transmission system operator.

What we do in the project

One aim of P&M Rothmoser is to meet the challenges of the energy turnaround that was announced by the german government. Growing shares of renewable energy sources will demand energy storage. We want to discover the local possibilities for energy storage systems suited to our situation. In our case biogas storage seems to be a interesting possibility to deal with fluctuation in offer and demand of electric energy. Also battery storage systems or heat storage will be taken into consideration. AlpStore project partner FFE will provide support in the form of electric grid simulation for different scenarios. Our aim is to have a clear understanding of the different storage possibilities, knowing pros and cons of each and having a knowledge base for investments in the future. Project budget contains also funds for hardware, so we will decide if we build a prototype or finance a storage at least partially in context of this project.


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