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Since more than 90 years the Allgäuer Überlandwerk GmbH (AÜW) is available in most parts of the Allgäu (most famous tourist area located in South-West Germany) with extensive services. As the biggest regional supplier of electric energy the Allgäuer Überlandwerk committed itself to the task "energy for the Allgäu”. Together with partners there is a close cooperation between many regional distributers under the name of „AllgäuStrom". The AllgäuStrom cooperation serves over 125.000 customers. The competence, know-how and commitment of AÜW are transferred to municipalities and cities of our region. 
The Allgäu is blessed with solar radiation in abundance and is therefore equipped for further construction of renewable energy plants. The use of hydro-electric power has a long tradition in the region. AÜW owns 8 hydropower plants; the biggest has a power of about 5 MW. This shows the enormous dedication to increase the part of renewable energies in power generation. In the year 2010 already more than 25% of the complete consumption has been produced by endogenous renewable energies. The aim of AÜW for 2020 is to reach an amount of at least 40% or more produced by renewable energies in the region.

What we do in the project

In the pilot region "Oberallgäu” the project partner Allgäuer Überlandwerk (AUEW) closely works together with project partner "energy and environmental center allgäu” (EZA) and the lead partner B.A.U.M. Consult (BAUM). These partners will act as a national project group whenever appropriate.

The AlpStore pilot project in the Oberallgäu region is focused on intelligent energy storage sys-tems linked in a system with own consumption of electricity from photovoltaic plants. Based on the experience and networks of past (AlpEnergy, CO2NeuTrAlp, eE-Tour Allgäu) and other run-ning research projects (IRENE, econnect Germany) concepts for intelligent use of storage systems are developed and tested. The main focus of the pilot project is put on the storage of solar energy, especially in private households. It is also considered the integration of electric mobility. Therefore a couple of households will be equipped with intelligent storage systems. Based on the experiences business models and concepts for the future energy supply with special reference to the objective of energy efficiency (more transparent energy consumption behavior of consumers) will be developed.


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