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Who we are

The University of Liechtenstein focuses on two main fields of study: Architecture and Planning and Business Economics (Business Administration, Banking and Financial Management, Busi-ness Information Systems and Entrepreneurship). Around 1200 students from over 40 countries provide an international atmosphere to the small university in the Alpine Rhine Valley.
The Chair for Sustainable Spatial Development, held by Professor Peter Droege is involved in the "Alpstore” research project. Besides this project our Chair is engaged in several other re-search initiatives such as the Interreg supported "BAER– Bodensee/Lake Constance–Alpine Rhine Valley Energy and Climate Region", a consortium effort by five regional universities under our direction, the completed „Renewable Liechtenstein" model development, and a series of projects which deal with urban and landscape integrated solutions for the autonomous supply of renewable energy.
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What we do in the project

We lead the national profile development efforts, and centrally support the profiling, pilot and master plan initiatives. Besides identifying the most suitable energy storages for the Principality of Liechtenstein and developing concepts based on the renewable energy potential of the Alpine Rhine Valley, we will especially focus on spatial dimensions of energy storage technology and their integration into our built environment, their spatial effects on urban design, but also their potential in combination with architecture.
With the help of this outcome and the results of the pilot regions, recommendations will be for-mulated for planners and political decision-makers. The University of Liechtenstein will base its contributions in part on the results of its "Renewable Liechtenstein” and the "BAER – Boden-see/Lake Constance–Alpine Rhine Valley Energy and Climate Region” research programs -

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Prof. DI MAAS Peter Droege
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AlpStore FINAL CONFERENCE and Study Trip, February 26-27, 2015
A great success for the AlpStore final event in the Aosta Valley