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The University of Ljubljana (Univerza v Ljubljani) was established in 1919 on the foundations of a long-established pedagogical tradition. Since then, it has grown and expanded, so that today it consists of 20 Faculties, 3 Academies and 3 University Colleges. One of them is the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The number of students currently studying and training for future careers is about 34,000. At present, the University employs about 1,500 professors who perform two fundamental tasks - education and research.

Research work at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering operates in 9 major fields, which are fully covered by 261 registered researchers and 31 technical staff working in 26 research groups. The Centre of Distributed Energy Sources at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering is the central research group for distributed energy sources in Slovenia, where four laboratories are covering RTD&I aspects of efficient use of energy, renewable energy sources, power networks, distributed generation and energy strategies.


What we do in the project

Our role in the project includes contributions to the content of the financial reports and the website, contribution to the development and implementation of the media plans (local media involvement), promotion of the AlpStore project at the conferences and organization of the summer school in Slovenia.

In collaboration with other project partners we will:
  • develop a transnational generic concept for planning and managing sustainable storage and mobility (STORM),
  • survey technological and commercial prospects of integration of mobile electricity sources (electric vehicles) into local grid,
  • present implementation plan to local decisions makers, technical partners and investors,
  • provide input according to evaluation plan for the mid-term and final evaluation reports,
  • prepare a summary of transferable results, describe them as general recommendations to be entered into the final guideline,
  • publish scientific articles.


Together with our national project partners (Municipality Jezersko and Business Support Center Kranj) we will:
  • describe our national frameworks of storages in relation to mobility technology and traffic patterns,
  • develop holistic masterplans for our region with specific emphasis on off grid situations of small mountain villages,
  • specify technical requirements for our pilot test and describe work plan,
  • execute simulations for the integration of storages and grids: grid for Jezersko,
  • execute pilot test and create report for decision makers: install and monitor REDOX flow batteries to balance PV


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University of Ljubljana
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Dr. Igor Papic, Professor
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