Eco – Plan for a small village Strem in pilot region - ökoEnergieland (13.02.2014)

The perfect place for a pioneering energy center is the community of Strem in ökoEnergieland. Close to the city of Güssing all necessary parameters are given to establish such a very unique energy model.

The surrounding area of the existing biogas plant, located in Strem should be used for a building of new energy, research and study center. When everything goes according to the plan, up to 200 green jobs and up to 150 study places should be created.

Reinhard Koch developed this model of a visionary CENTER for FUTURE ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES. Together with his brother Markus Koch, who is an approved expert in the field of thermal gasification and heads the biomass power plant in Güssing, Reinhard Koch will establish and run this center.

Researchers, under the guidance of Prof. Hofbauer will have perfect conditions in the research facility to advance the existing technologies. The researchers will work intensively in the pilot plants to close the gap between basic and applied research.

Integrated in the center will be the worldwide-known "European Center for Renewable Energy Guessing”. Focus of the EEE is the development of energy concepts based on the experiences in the "ecoEnergy Region”. The EEE is also advisor of governments and strongly involved in the energy strategy of the European Union.

Another core theme will be the advanced training, in theory as well as in practice. For the theoretical part, an academical education will be available at the location Strem. Through a cooperation with an Austrian university, it will be possible for students all over the globe to make their master’s course in renewable energy in Strem. Therefore it is necessary to build a university building with lecture rooms and laboratories, as well as accommodations for the students.

Eco-Energy tourismus
In addition, demonstration plants for the practice will be available. Future plant operators have in this way the opportunity to train their personnel professionally.

Experiences from Güssing in the past years have shown, that every year thousands of tourists are going to visit such unique centers. A special trained group of people will guide these eco-tourists. Therefore it is necessary to build a hotel that also includes a restaurant.

To summarize, following structural measures are necessary:

- Office building (Administration, EEE, Engineering)

- Research facility & technical center

- University building

- Conference center

- Accommodations

- Hotel

- Restaurant

Out of the activities done in this project and cooperation between EEE and municipality of Strem one of the biggest economy projects should arise in concept region Güssing – ökoEnergieland.

More information:
Contact person: Ing. Reinhard Koch

13.02.2014 by Fausto Massi
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