Energy Storage for sunny days and fresh breezes (15.04.2014)

Younicos, in partnership with Samsung SDI and Green Utility, was awarded a tender to supply a 1 MW/1MWh high-power battery to the Italian grid operator Terna, with another 1 MW/1 MWh system in option. The Berlin-based storage and renewables specialists will install the fully automated storage on Sardinia. Deployed as part of the "Storage lab” project under Terna’s "2012 Grid Defense Plan”, the intelligent control software developed by Younicos will enable the lithium-ion battery, together with the other solutions, to stabilize the Sardinian island grid. Following successful completion of the "Storage Lab” phase, Terna will order a further 24 MW of energy storage solutions to be deployed on the Sardinian and Sicilian grids.

With an installed capacity more than 25 GW, wind and solar energy already contribute more than 15 per cent to electricity generation in Italy. In specific cases, such as the main islands of Sicily and Sardinia, PV and Wind combine to generate more than 30 per cent of the total installed capacity. This is a problem whenever the islands’ grids become detached from continental Italy, because frequency fluctuations become much harder to offset. Thus the grid operator Terna is investing heavily in the expansion of the storage infrastructure in these islands, the initial stage of which is the evaluation of different storage technologies .

Younicos has been successfully using batteries in its in-house Technology Center to stabilize the east German control area of grid operator "50 Hertz" since 2012 and is currently building lithium-ion battery parks in Schwerin and the UK.


15.04.2014 by Fausto Massi
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Climate- and Energy Fund: 3.5 million Euro for exemplary refurbishments of company buildings and public buildings (13.02.2014)

The support programme "model refurbishments” sets a benchmark with 45 role model projects as a basis for new thermal refurbishments of buildings.

Refurbishment standards of today set the limits for emissions from buildings for the next 40 years. Within some decades the building sector should be totally free of emissions. So the support program of the Climate- and Energy Fund wants to enable this by establishing a refurbishment support program. This program is based on publishing role model examples of refurbishments, so that they can be easily copied by other people that want to invest in thermal refurbishment.

Contents of the support program:

The programme supports comprehensive refurbishment projects on operational level as well as on public buildings.

Possible combination:

- thermal refurbishment

- implementation of renewable energy (photovoltaic, solarthermal plants, CHP, etc.)

- energy efficiency measures

Subsidy height: max. 600.000€

- thermal-energetic building refurbishment:

Þ 45% of the relevant investment costs

Þ + additional fees of up to 60% in total

- measures on implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency:

Þ 25 % of the relevant investment costs

Þ + additional fees of up to 35% in total

There is also an additional fee for Eco-Innovations:

by reaching "Passive House” standard (5%) or

the so called "klima:aktiv Gold Standard” (5%) or

reaching the "Plus Energy House” standard (10%)

and there is also an extra fee for the use of ecological insulation materials (5%).

Target groups for the subsidy programme:

all people with industrial activities

confessional institutions and associations


accommodations with more than 100 beds

public institutions and local authorities

With the support programme "model refurbishment” the Climate- and Energy Fund lies the main focus on high implementation of renewable energy, use of climate protecting materials and products within the refurbishment, measures on energy efficiency, no or very low level of cooling needs and a high level of innovation. For the whole support programme there is an amount of 10.9 million Euro available. 

13.02.2014 by Fausto Massi
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Louvenia (01.06.2017):
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International energy storage database (31.10.2013)

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced that its international energy storage database ( has surpassed 420 documented energy storage projects from around the world. The database, the first of its kind, provides free, up-to-date information on grid-connected energy storage projects and relevant state and federal policies. It is funded through DOE's Sandia National Laboratories, and has been operating since January 2012.

The Energy Storage Database lists 420 energy storage projects from 34 countries with a combined 123GW of installed capacity. More than 50 energy storage technologies are represented worldwide, including multiple battery technologies, compressed air energy storage, flywheels, gravel energy storage, hydrogen energy storage, pumped hydroelectric, superconducting magnetic energy storage, and thermal energy storage. The policy section of the database shows 18 federal and state policies addressing grid connected energy storage, from rules and regulations to tariffs and other financial incentives.

Anybody can create an account and add projects, and each project goes through a vetting process where database staff contact the project owner to verify data accuracy.

31.10.2013 by Anja Lehmann
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